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Tune in to VH1 on July 17th and support my awesome wife, Amy Paffrath, as she hosts this crazy little show called ‘Dating Naked!’ Amy’s not naked though, sorry fellas.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Something to see, trust me :)

A few weeks ago, I met up with my folks in Durham, NC to film a Civil War flick called ‘Union Bound.’ Despite the stifling heat and wool uniforms, we had an amazing time. I was a confederate sharpshooter and my father, Mike, was union infantry.

Look for the film later this year or early next, from Uptone Pictures. It stars my very talented friend, Randy Wayne, and Sean Stone.

Union Bound IMDB



I was fortunate enough to shoot a very cool project with some talented friends this week.

CoffeeHouse teams me back up with Jay Diaz who wrote and directed The Flip Side, which Amy and I were a part of last year.

This new show co-stars Anna Free, Brian Thomas Smith, and a musical idol of mine, Mr. Brian McKnight!

Psyched for you all to see this! Stay tuned!


Here’s a tune from my solo album, The Resolution… Kept my BG’s on it, but took out my leads so I could hear what YOU GUYS (and girls) do with it. Have fun, and send me links to anything you post! Cheers,


Here are the two songs I sang at the WOF awards last month. Written by my talented bros, Brandon Slavinski & Josh Skinner. (And Mel Paul, who’s not a bro. But quite lovely)


Here’s a couple good shots. What a fun night! I love being on stage.

Got to sing at the 30th annual Writers of the Future awards last weekend. Thanks to my pals Brandon Slavinski and Josh Skinner for the beautiful music they wrote! Also everyone at Author Services, and all the good folks who put on the event!

First couple seconds are dodgy cause I couldn’t hear the music in my ears, but it got better as it went along. Gotta love live performance, you never know what’s going to happen.  And check out the incredible Tania Holt behind me! Wow!

Song starts at 1:02:06!!!


My Fishing Adventure with Channel Islands Sportfishing Center

I co-wrote the new single for K-pop artist, Yu Seung Woo! Check it out! Congrats to my cowriters @djnure @tylershamy @fabioBOI

New tune I co-wrote with Dan Book and Alexei Misoul is out today. Check out the whole album on iTunes!