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Got to sing at the 30th annual Writers of the Future awards last weekend. Thanks to my pals Brandon Slavinski and Josh Skinner for the beautiful music they wrote! Also everyone at Author Services, and all the good folks who put on the event!

First couple seconds are dodgy cause I couldn’t hear the music in my ears, but it got better as it went along. Gotta love live performance, you never know what’s going to happen.  And check out the incredible Tania Holt behind me! Wow!

Song starts at 1:02:06!!!


My Fishing Adventure with Channel Islands Sportfishing Center

I co-wrote the new single for K-pop artist, Yu Seung Woo! Check it out! Congrats to my cowriters @djnure @tylershamy @fabioBOI

New tune I co-wrote with Dan Book and Alexei Misoul is out today. Check out the whole album on iTunes!

New tune for the season! Enjoy,


Holiday Mood

Check out my new film, Non-Stop, NOVEMBER 29th at 8pm on Lifetime!  It co-stars Lacey Chabert, Jim O’heir, and Betsy Russell from the SAW movies.  Good, suspenseful fun at 35000 ft!

Here’s a new video from the ‘Flipside’ series on  Had a lot of fun turning the tables on my awesome wife, Amy Paffrath.  This video is why we don’t plan on having kids for quite a while….


Did a song and video with my girl, Savannah Outen, check it out! Song is available for download on iTunes too. Cheers! D

Summer ain’t over, and this is a great song for it! Make sure to go on their website HERE and request ‘Til the Sun Comes Up!

Radio Disney, Drew Seeley ‘Til the Sun Comes Up’

Please call in and request the song! Or go on the Radio Disney website and tell ‘em to keep on spinning it! Thanks for the love! Cheers,