And then there were 3!

I am madly in love with this woman. We’ve traveled far and wide together. And I’m so excited we’re now embarking on our wildest adventure yet!

Baby Seeley, whoever you are in there, you are loved unconditionally! And we are gonna have a GREAT time Mister! Or Miss! Either way, you are already my entire heart ❤️ See you in July!

Love,  Dad 👪 .



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A Sign of the Times! December 8-23 at Delaware Theatre Company!

Psyched to being playing the role of ‘Matt’ in a brand NEW musical called ‘A Sign of the Times’ this holiday season.  If you’re anywhere near Wilmington, DE, come on out. It’s a joyous, thought-provoking and heartwarming musical, and I KNOW you’re gonna love it!


Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 7.54.56 PM

THE YEAR IS 1965. The pulse of a changing era lures Cindy from Middle America to the swirl of New York. Set against the backdrop of women’s liberation, the civil rightsmovement, and the Vietnam War, she pursues her passion of making a difference in the world.

Unexpected friends, lovers, careers, and conflicts and how the events of the day affect their relationships are told through classic songs from that era that include DOWNTOWN, IF I CAN DREAM, THE BOY FROM NEW YORK CITY, and YOU DON’T OWN ME. They’re all “A SIGN OF THE TIMES.”

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New Movie out NOVEMBER 16th! 8/7c on Lifetime Movies!

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When her laptop stops working, Molly immediately takes it to a repair shop and thinks nothing of it when she gets it back in perfect working order. Soon after, she meets the charming and handsome Jack Newsom at her favorite restaurant. They share the same likes and dislikes, the same hobbies and are soon completing each other’s sentences. Jack is perfect in every way until he slowly starts to exhibit a clingy, possessive side, which finally forces Molly to ask for some time apart. Suddenly, her bank accounts are being drained and half naked photos of her are being posted online. It turns out “Jack” is not who he says he is, and now that she’s rejected him, he’s her worst nightmare. Drew Seeley, Rosalie McIntire, Carolyn Hennesy, Sofia Pernas star. (2018)

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New Single ‘Here’s Your Heart Back’ out now!

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‘Lethal Admirer’ This Sunday on Lifetime!

What a killer cast and crew (all puns intended). This was an absolute blast and my first real ‘villain!’ Unless you count ‘The Shortcut.’ Can wait for you all to meet LLOYD….








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Amy and I had the honor of helping build homes for veterans this spring. is an incredible organization, and they’re always looking for volunteers if you wanna break a sweat and make a difference!


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New Album – ‘DownTime’

Downtime thumbnail

It’s been a few years since I’ve released any new music (except for the occasional Christmas tune:)

This is a compilation album of songs I co-wrote over the last few years while on the road with Jersey Boys, and traveling. Writing is how I like to spend my down time, hence the title of this collection.

Thanks for the continued love and support. Hope you enjoy these tunes as much as I did recording them.


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‘Battle Lines’ video now LIVE!

This video was shot mostly around the Salton Sea by the amazing Andre Welsh, and co-stars my soulmate, Amy Paffrath. It’s one of the singles from my new album, ‘DownTime’ – out now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc!

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JOIN ME for a Griffith Hike on World Water Day!

Hey guys!

On March 22nd Amy and I are co-hosting an event in conjunction with The Thirst Project for World Water Day.  We have supported the life changing work that Thirst Project does for over 6 years now.
We had the great pleasure of taking a trip to Africa last summer with another amazing organization, Kids Play International.  There, we saw families, including elderly women and young children, carrying jerry cans full of water and walking 4+ miles just to bring clean water home every day. It affected us profoundly, and we thought why don’t we do a fundraiser in LA – a hike up Griffith Park carrying a 40 lb jerry can – to literally step into the shoes of people in other parts of the world.  We also wanted to make a visual impact.  Having a large group of people carrying jerry cans in an urban metropolis is sure to bring awareness and influence those who witness the event.  We have some influencers and celebrities participating and expect to have news coverage of the event.

We’re looking for 44 brave souls to join us on the 22nd and each raise $250 in sponsorships so that we can raise enough to build a freshwater well in Swaziland for a community and change lives there for generations.

Click HERE to register and start fundraising today!
If you can’t join us, feel free to donate to our page here.

OR check out our Ebay auction!  Our friend Hadley Hodgkin generously donated 2 GA Coachella passes with Shuttle access for Weekend 2.  100% of the proceeds will go towards building clean water wells in Swaziland!
Together we can do BIG things. Thank you for your generosity, and stepping up to the challenge!
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New music video! ‘She May Be the One’

Here’s the first single from my new album, coming mid-march! Directed by Bryan Berrios, and starring Mariangela Serrano and Zach Fifer. Young love in in the big city.

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