‘Fly’ video LIVE, and single now on iTunes!

Here it is folks. Please help us raise funds for pediatric cancer research and treatment by purchasing the single on iTunes. Click here – ‘Fly’ on iTunes

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2 Responses to ‘Fly’ video LIVE, and single now on iTunes!

  1. Jodie says:

    this brought me to tears! Drew, you’re an incredibly selfless, and warm hearted person. I’m 16 and if I was going through what this young girl was going through, it would give me something to live for. You should be really proud of yourself, of what you do for people, and the fact you give people something to look forward to. I think you’re a beautiful person, with a loving & caring personality. I love you as an icon, a person and as someone to aspire to be like. I love music and how it doesn’t matter what you’re going through or feeling; it always manages to help you forget it for awhile, I believe that music IS medicine. I love you, and wish you happiness. God bless you. I love you, Jodie :-)<3

    P.s keep making dreams come true, please would you follow me on twitter? @Shawty_JD15

  2. Kevin N says:

    Very good song Mr. Drew Seeley!

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