New single, ‘BATTLE LINES’ available everywhere TODAY!





Valentine’s Day.

It can be great or it can be obnoxious. It’s fun when things are going well in your relationship or you’re in love. But what if you’re single? Or your love life is on the rocks?

I wanted to release a song about love for the month of February. But this one’s about the struggle of love; the bumps, the trust issues, and the decision you’ve got to make whether or not it’s something worth fighting for.

I co-wrote this song, Battle Lines, with Nate Boone from Detroit. We met, wrote, and recorded the final version on the same day. Universal themes like this have a way of flowing easily in the studio, cause we’ve all been through it.

I hope you enjoy the song, and trust that fighting for love is worth it. It has been for me.


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