Selena Gomez special on E!

Haven’t seen it yet, but I went in the studio to say a few words for her upcoming special on E! ┬áTune into E! tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 8:30pm to see how far she’s come since Another Cinderella Story.

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2 Responses to Selena Gomez special on E!

  1. lauren says:

    Dude! sorry i keep bothering you, but i had no clue you lived in good ol’ Florida! omg! small world. ur canadian 2! geez, im half canadian. lucky. wow these are weird coicidences, aren’t they? lol. well good mornignt to you from tampa! come and do a concert, please! sometime in the near future, if possible! i am a huuge fan!

  2. mohammad says:

    I am Muhammad and I admire your limit madness, Mr. Drew Seeley and I love to hear your songs and if I DON’T hear before going to sleep I can not sleep I love so much that I do not I Description I love you too much

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